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 to develop 


We’ve developed
more than 52 apps since 2012

Mobile apps


search for auto parts all over Russia


audio lections about Vedic culture


good driver assistant


charity app


search for the best restaurants and cafes


call to experts


remote control for planetariums


fake calls

Web apps

marketplace to buy exclusive furniture
web tool to organize a wedding
remote control for planetariums
search for auto parts all over Russia
simple visual menu app
service of built-in landings
order duplicate of car registration number

Our clients


The process of our work is always intelligible and clear. You can control the development process at any moment of time.

Technical specification

Development of basic understanding of future product according to 9 aspects:

 — users
 — your app clients
 — strengths / weaknesses
 — competitors
 — partners
 — budget for the app development in 2 variants (minimum/maximum)
 — list of technologies to implement it
 — technical specification in business scenarios format
 — implementation schedule divided by versions
 — project team


We describe scenarios for customers and start the development of the interface prototype

What will you get:
We’ll find out the main customer of your app and explain what’s important for him

Within 5 days we’ll prepare 3 documents for free:
 — description of main tasks that determine the app future
 — map of screens with step-by-step description of business processes
 — clickable prototype that you can launch on your phone


What will you get:
We’ll prepare up to 3 design and icon options of the future app. The design file will be represented in vector form to facilitate the development.


On the basis of schedule we program and implement the approved design.

What will you get:
1. Transparent development process for you:
 — You’ll be always aware of things we’re working on
 — What’s already done
 — What remains to be done
2. Every 2 weeks you’ll be getting the app’s working version


We’ll deploy the app to your server and publish it to App Store & Google Play

What will you get:
Analysis of your app metrics that can help you to find out weak spots of the app.
We provide a 10-year warranty!
If you find any mistakes in the program we’ll fix it for free.
We also implement app analytics that will let you:
 — analyze the number of users
 — find out the way they use the app
 — find out what they like / dislike
 — understand what needs to be be improved within the app

About us

We use
Java (Android), Objective C, Swift (iOS) NodeJS, AngularJS, ReactJS, PHP, Python, MySQL, PostgreSQL, NoSQL, .NET, Machine Learning
We work
according to SCRUM methodology. It allows to keep the development under control.
We took the 2nd place
in Google Hackathon
We are
residents of accelerator IIDF (Internet Initiatives Development Fund)
We’re participants of
Yandex Tolstoy Startup Camp 2014 and we have extensive experience in the client development. We understand weak spots of the customer business and we know how to solve it.

Get free advice from a technician on your project



We develop unique Internet projects, nobody created such ones before us.

The price depends on a project difficulty. It consists of a labor cost of specialists who are involved into the project development: programmers, testers, project managers, account managers, interface designers and analysts.

You can call us +7 (923) 221-11-44 or contact us via special form on the website to get our estimates of your project.

Unfortunately we can’t follow this idea. We deal with custom web service development and we’re concentrated on the high quality of all our projects. If we take part in one of them, it will get the highest priority and other projects won`t get enough of our attention. This is not acceptable for us.

Yes, after having developed the pilot version we’ll help you to present it for investors in the best way. We’ll consult you on the necessary documents. At the moment we’ve already signed the contracts with more than 10 Russian investment funds.

The web service development is organized in such way that every 15 working days we update the product. Payments are made by small pieces within particular intervals (usually every 15 working days).


As we use a modern Scrum Methodology we are oriented on release of the product updates within short iterations. It helps to release the first public version within 3-6 weeks after we start working. You can learn more in our presentation.

Yes, this is possible. The first public versions of most of our projects are launched on the market within this timeline.

Unfortunately we don’t sell ready-made products. You can order the mobile app development from scratch.


By your request we can sign a non-disclosure agreement. This legal document guarantees the security of your idea.

Technologies and methodologies

It happened that we’ve developed most of our projects with help of ASP.NET MVC + MS SQL Server. Particularly in this field we have most of our expertise and competence.

Also we love working with: nginx, HTML5, CSS, Java (Android), Objective-C (iOS). You can learn more about technologies we work with in our presentation.

We divide the internet project creation process into 2 big stages: planning + design and programming. Planning and design stage allows to see and to test all elements interaction of future system, to check its functionality and to easily make the corrections before the development stage. After the development stage we interactively launch the product for end users. You can learn more about development stages in our presentation.

This methodology is ideally convenient to create unique projects. Main advantages:

  1. The result of each sprint is a ready-made product that can solve one or several user tasks.
  2. Initial presentation of the product to the target audience allows to get essentially important feedback.
  3. In case one needs to make some corrections to update version priorities, it can be done before the sprint start.

It’s possible but according to our experience the best business results can be reached when working according to Scrum.

About the company

First big project was completed in 2012, it was the year the company was founded.

We have 1 office. It’s located in Novosibirsk (Inzhenernaya str., building 5/9, 2nd floor, office 30)

There are about 20 people in our company: programmers, coders, analysts, project managers, testers.


All our employees work with us according to labor contract in the office. You can come to our office and see how the things look like.

We use recent engineering and managerial practices to reach the necessary quality level of projects, e.g.: TDD, Code Review, Git, Continuous integration, etc.

How to earn money with help of a project?

We have rich experience in applying of different monetization models: advertising model, paid services, commission sales, subscription, frimium, etc. We will find the best way for you to earn money.


Yes, we will create an individual strategy to promote your project and to attract users into it.


We provide our customers with technical support services. According to statistics 90% of our customers continue cooperating with us after the project has been completed.

Usually technical support includes next options: monitoring of technical and programming parts of the project, small or big improvements and collection of statistics

The cost depends on the volume of support and starts from 50 000 rubles per month.

Why we?

If you work with us you will get the team of experienced professionals including programmers, testers, projects managers, account managers, designers and analysts. We deal with the development of complex and unique projects that nobody has dealt with before us. Our advantages:

  1. The first release of the project will be within 3-6 weeks after we start.
  2. Our office is located in Novosibirsk and this allows us to make the prices lower than our competitors have.
  3. We will do everything to launch the project. You won`t need to search for any extra specialists. You can learn more about us in our presentation.
Legal information

Yes, we sign a contract with all our clients.

Yes, we can sign the contract with an individual.

Yes, we have rich experience in remote work. Thanks to modern communication tools we don’t have any problems with this point.

How can I start working with you?

First of all, just call us +7 (923) 221-11-14 and tell us about your project. It will take not more than 15 minutes. In case we understand each other we’ll organize a meeting or if we are in different cities we’ll organize a call that will help to make a precise estimate and to define timelines. Then we sign the contract for the first working stage and start.

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