Consent for processing personal data

I, user of the Internet site in accordance with terms of the 9th article of Federal law №152 “About personal data” of 8 July 2006, confirm that I agree my personal data to be processed:

I confirm and admit that this consent is given by me in order to get informational and other services from site, its partners and to get all the actual information. I agree that this Internet site can process my personal data: to keep it in an electronic database, to include it in lists in order to provide me with informing services.

I also give the right to the Internet site to perform next actions (operations) with my personal data:

I confirm my consent for using my contact data to receive information, notifications about service processing, request clarification, changes in working process of Internet site.

I confirm my consent for processing my personal data indicated in the fields of feedback online form by Internet site.

I realize that the mark ☑ in the field near phrase “I accept the terms of User agreement” when registering on the site means my written consent with the terms within it. This agreement comes into force since the moment of the beginning of the site use and acts indefinitely.

This consent can be recalled by sending an application to the site with all data determined in the 14th article of the Law “About personal data”.

In case of the consent recall the Internet site will stop processing personal data during the period that doesn’t exceed three working days since the date when the recall was received.

Written recall of the consent for processing Your personal data can be provided by sending a correspondent directive in a simple written form to

This user agreement can be changed and/or supplemented by the administration of the site without notifying the user. The actual version of the document is always online and disposed on the page of site: